Let's all be honest and candid here.  The use of the term "ammo strap" is used today with little to zero concern with regard to its real provenance.  Sadly, it's been like that for 10 years or more and countless different makers are guilty of it.  I'm not here to bash other makers, but, as a consumer much like yourself, I just can't wrap my head around false claims ever being okay with a product or service.

Today's world of so-called "Ammo" straps should be insulting when 85-90% of them are being made from leathers tanned within the last few years.  Complete with custom stamps with perfect positioning and fresh imprints, they're in seemingly endless supply when original pouches from that era simply are not.  If was made and altered to look old, somehow it's become the accepted standard over the past decade to go ahead and call it an "Ammo" strap.  I understand not everyone does this, but those examples are few and far between.  Kudos to those few who are doing it right!

Enough of that, though.  Rant over.  Deep inside I'm sure you may have suspected it for a while now.

Now let me introduce you to something truly special.  Something I know you've not seen before.
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Limited Edition
True Vintage Military Leather, c. 1942
True Vintage Military Leather, circa 1942
A one-of-a-kind single hide originally tanned for U.S. military carry goods.  Free from cosmetic alterations and false claims of origination.  This is the real deal. 

The time and effort to find this 77 year old antique leather was extraordinary, as is the condition of this half hide tanned in 1942. It was originally made by a tannery here in the U.S. who had contracts to supply leather document holders (usually maps), small satchels, and scabbard (rifle cases) to U.S. soldiers and officers during WWII.  The leather was purchased directly from a family member who's great grandfather owned the tannery.

The stunning color you see is the result of completely natural patina development.  I included a few photos showing the half hide in its original form.  The white powdery substance on the surface is referred to as bloom in the leather industry. When working with a true antique or vintage leather, bloom is highly desirable because it shows physical evidence of proper storage and more importantly - nourishment and hydration.  Essentially, it's the result of collagen and waxes rising to the surface over time.  It's usually rubbed back into the leather with your hands or it can be removed with a horsehair brush.  After taking the photos of the hide, I rubbed the bloom back into the leather - but then followed up by further nourishing it with a wonderful conditioner called Bick 4. It feeds the leather, but it doesn't change the color or prevent it from breathing.  What this means is that it will still be able to develop a beautiful rich golden patina with some time and wear.  And believe me...it's a patina magnet in the very best of ways!

I would encourage you to click on and expand the photos of the hide that I've included. They illustrate transparency, and I hope you'll appreciate that.

I also included a photo with a popular book placed on top to serve as a reference for size.  It's all that I have to work with.  As you can see, there's painfully little available and there's just not much to go around.  What you see is the genuine article.
The Original Half Hide
Handmade True Vintage Military Straps
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The strap above is shown with:
Hand saddle stitched with Vintage Patina thread
1 sewn in and 1 floating keeper
A sewn in flat historic Pre-V buckle.
The strap above is shown with:
Hand saddle stitched with Titanium thread
1 sewn in and 1 floating keeper
A sewn in flat historic Pre-V buckle.

Note:  This is a pre-crafted strap and the adjustment
holes will be strategically placed in accordance
to the buyer's wrist measurement.
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Nearly 8 decades old, this half hide was originally tanned here in the U.S. during the WWII era of 1942.
It was preserved to perfection and is showing the early development of what will later become a stunning patina.
Handcrafted in the USA
How To Place an Order:
100% Handmade From Beginning to End.  Tailored to Your Specifications and Wrist Size. 

1.  The best place to begin is on the Custom Handmade Page.  Near the top of the page you will see a section titled "Europelli Handmade - Creating Your Masterpiece on Paper".  This section outlines those things to consider while thinking about your new strap.  As an example, knowing your wrist measurement will be helpful.  Not only will it allow me to recommend a proper length, but it will also enable me to strategically place your adjustment holes for a more tailored fit.

You'll also be able to see the 16 different stitch colors you can select from, as well as various buckle options.

2.  Simply contact me via email, or phone me at:  219-309-9694.  You'll find Contact Me buttons on each page of the website.  Just let me know what type of watch your new strap will be used with, your wrist measurement, the stitch color you prefer, as well as the buckle you would like.  I'll take care of the rest and you have my word I'll make it a very pleasurable experience for you.
Sale Pricing:  $269.00   $239
The regular price for this strap is $269.00.  However, for a limited time, I one custom handmade to your specs for $239.  I even have a few of them which have been pre-crafted, discounted further, and ready to ship.

This will include the Limited Edition True Vintage Military strap, hand saddle stitched in the color of your choice, as well as a sewn-in curved Pre-V buckle in the finish you prefer.  All other buckles, including Screw Type versions, will be available for only $10.

Due to the extremely small size of this half hide, I will only be able to make these in very limited numbers.  First come first served, and once this irreplaceable leather is gone - it's gone for good.
Stunning, Unrivaled Patina Development
The photos below were graciously provided to me by a client.  His Limited Edition True Vintage Military strap was worn in regular rotation, along with many other straps.  The incredible golden patina that you see is all natural and was able to develop after approximately 6 months.  The depth and richness of color is simply astonishing!  Embrace the true history of this magnificent antique leather and enjoy the natural character that reveals itself during its new journey with you.  Using the words of the collector who owns the strap below:  "Absolutely epic!"
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