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"I received the strap today.  Nice, perhaps your best in my opinion. (Between this and the oxblood).   I am wondering why it  took so long for me to make the move to get this.  I had a "XX" suede in the same color combo and never wore it because I did not like it.  I think I traded it to someone.  This is on a whole different level however.  Once you go with these cordovan straps there is no going back in my opinion.  Outstanding!" - Dr. Scott Helsley
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Among the world's finest leathers.  It's as simple as that.

Genuine Shell Cordovan is most rare and coveted.   While many leathers originate from cows, genuine shell cordovan comes from a horse.  The “shell” is the subcutaneous layer that covers the posterior (rear end).  Each horse provides two shells, which is just enough for a pair of shoes.  Genuine Shell Cordovan is the most non-porous leather known, and is not constructed of strands.  This unique physical nature translates into two attributes:  Shell Cordovan is the only leather that will not wrinkle, and it is inherently water-resistant to a very high degree.  Genuine Shell Cordovan is distinguished by its lustrous waxy finish, superior durability, and the ability to readily conform and retain shape.  In this instance, the shape of your wrist.

Today, high volume production and fancy technology are powerless in its manufacture. Old school handwork is the only way to produce it. The shells are put through a natural tanning process, then hand-stained, glazed, and finished.  I've seen it in person, and the time and patience required is quite amazing.  While most leathers tan for one month in a chromium sulfate solution, genuine Shell Cordovan leather requires a full six months of natural vegetable tanning.  It’s these things that account for the unrivaled quality and expensive nature of true Shell Cordovan leather.  In the leather industry, it's the pinnacle of old world artistry.  Only two tanneries in the world still produce it - Horween Leather Company in Chicago being the undisputed finest.  Their primary customers are top-shelf shoe manufacturers who, ultimately, end up selling the finished product for $595-$700 and well beyond.

A word to the wise:  The word “cordovan” is many times misused as a generic term, and is usually meant to describe a particular color.  Kind of like “Xerox”.   That’s why I’ve used the word “Genuine” over and over again, because the word “cordovan” alone doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the true article.  

Expect your Europelli Genuine Shell Cordovan strap to take on a rich patina that only improves with wear and polishing, and for it to offer you years of enjoyment with proper Care & Maintenance.  Please read the Care & Maintenance section for details on how to properly feed this unique leather, as this will be important.

Black, Vintage Oxblood, Limited Edition Color #8

Grade 1 specimens showing rich depth of color and lustrous finish.  Visit the Europelli Custom Handmade Page to customize your strap in any length, stitch color, buckle, etc.

Available Sizes:
Custom Handmade straps can be made to any length.

Standard Price:  $245 - $255   

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Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan:  
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Shell Cordovan has since been replaced with the amazing North of Cordovan Horsehide.
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