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At Europelli, your complete satisfaction is my premier focus.  In an effort to expedite your order
as quickly as possible, I respectfully ask that you follow these suggested guidelines:
The first thing you'll likely notice is that there are no drop down menus or "add to your cart" options.  The vast majority of straps are custom handmade to order.  It's always been my belief that the more I know about the watch a strap is intended for, and how it will be worn by the owner, the further it can be customized and tailored for the best fitment.  This is why an e-mail or phone call is mutually beneficial and the best way for both of us to achieve our desired results.  For your convenience, a phone number and e-mail address has been provided on every page.

Browse the Website, making sure you visit all of the models within the collection.

Pre-Crafted Handmade Straps or Accessories:

1.  Simply email or phone me with the item number and where you would like to have it delivered.

Custom Handmade Straps:

1.   Near the top of the Custom Handmade page, you will find a section titled
      "Europelli Handmade - Creating Your Masterpiece on Paper."  This section details and outlines those things to consider
       while thinking about your new strap, complete with links and information you may find helpful.

2.  After determining your selections, simply e-mail or phone me with the leather and specifications for your new strap(s). Honestly, I prefer that U.S. customers use my Customer Service number as the first choice in contacting me if you are ordering a custom handmade strap.  Not only will it will offer you immediate assistance, but we can be more detailed so I can tailor the strap to your needs.  I can also join you on the website and spend as much time as you like making leather comparisons, suggestions, and answering any questions you may have.

3.  Upon receipt of your inquiry, I will reply with a confirmation of availability, answer any questions you may have, and include both an Order Summary and PayPal® invoice.

4.  You may then use PayPal® to check out at your convenience.

PayPal® is the preferred method of payment and it offers you several benefits.  It is both convenient and secure, in addition to giving you an instant receipt and same day shipping by 3:00pm CST, Monday-Friday.  Europelli is a Verified Premier Account holder.  I will no longer accept International electronic wire transfers for small purchase items, but International PayPal® payments are always welcomed and accepted.  Domestic wire transfers are allowed with a $12.00 fee that my bank charges.
1.  After calculating your product total, insurance coverage may be added using the chart below as a reference.  Insurance is highly recommended since packages are obviously out of my control once they are sent for delivery.  Europelli will not be responsible for lost or undelivered packages which are not insured. I will always be able to provide you with proof of shipment.  There will be no exceptions to this policy, so I urge you to request and add inexpensive insurance coverage.  International orders can be insured ONLY with Global Express delivery.  Please request this service when ordering if you would like insurance coverage.

2.  Orders which are received, confirmed, and completed by 3:00pm CST will ship that day.  I ship every day, Monday thru Friday.  Orders processed after these times will be shipped the following business morning.
Calculate insurance postage by using the dollar amount of the product total prior to shipping.
Select your shipping preference:
Add insurance protection:
Domestic USPS Priority
(2-3 Business Days)

Online Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Insurance Coverage up to $200

Add $3.65 for each additional custom strap to be insured.
*This is the service quoted for all handmade straps due to the insurance coverage.
Domestic Express
(Overnight to most locations)

Online Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Insurance Coverage up to $200
E-mail:  europelli@comcast.net   Phone:  (219) 309-9694
The rates below are for custom handmade straps, which ship fully insured when the service allows.  Regular straps and buckles will be slightly less due to the reduced value.  Updated on 10/11/21, following a USPS rate increase.
Available To You By Telephone or E-mail Every Single Day.

In an effort to offer you the best possible service, I kindly ask that U.S. customers phone me at: (219) 309-9694.  This is particularly true if you want to build a custom handmade strap.  My Customer Service line will enable me to answer all of your questions immediately, in far greater detail and in the most efficient way possible.

You are invited and encouraged to call anytime during the hours below.
I am in the Chicago area, which is GMT -6 / Central Time

Monday-Friday:  9:00am - 8:00pm, CST
Weekends:  9:00am - 5:00pm, CST

PHONE:  219-309-9694

Of course, I am also available to you by e-mailing your order or questions to:

Email: europelli@comcast.net 

You can also use the "Contact Me" button that can be found on every of the website.  Expect to receive a reply that is prompt, friendly, and detailed.

Thanks so much and I look forward to working together with you!
Domestic Packages Shipped Within the United States
International Packages Shipped Outside the United States
Domestic:  Available for all delivery service options.

International:  Not available for First Class Airmail or Global Priority.
Request Global Express service if you want your package to be insured.
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USPS First Class
Domestic & International
USPS Priority
Domestic & International
USPS Express
Domestic & International
Domestic USPS
First Class

Online Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Notes:  The estimated shipping times above, which are supplied by USPS, will not account for Customs delays.  This happens only on occasion, but when it does it can sometimes add several days to the delivery.

Non-trackable First Class packages will no longer be sent to some parts of the world.  Shipments to Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine will be sent via USPS Express or FedEx only.  No exceptions.
USPS First Class Airmail
(Allow up to 14 Business Days)

Minimized Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Insurance is not available

USPS First Class Airmail
USPS Global Priority
(Allow 6-10 Business Days)

Online Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Insurance Coverage up to $200
USPS Global Express
(Allow 3-5 Business Days)

Online Tracking
Delivery Confirmation
Insurance Coverage up to $200

USPS Global Priority
USPS Global Express
Completion Times For Custom Handmade Straps:
Shipping Information & Insurance Policy:
Anything that is 100% crafted by human hands will require more time than something made on a machine. However, my commitment to outstanding service does not end with your initial order. One thing I don't do is rush through just to complete them, but at the same time I don't want to ask for unreasonable wait times. Getting it right the first time is what we both want. Lead times can vary based on the number of straps ahead of you, as well as their complexity. I'll have an accurate completion date for you when your order is placed so you're not left to wonder.
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Ordering Custom or Pre-Crafted Handmade Straps: