Europelli Accessories:
Stylish components and protection for your fine timepieces.  From Screw-Type Pre-V buckles to precision screwdrivers, Europelli accessories are designed to enhance, compliment, and maintain your fine timepieces.
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Stainless Steel Tubes & Screws:
$9.00 For a complete Tube & Screw set (2 Tubes + 2 Screws)
$6.00 for individual sets (2 Tubes OR 2 Screws)

Springbar Buckles:
Great looks, heavy-duty tension spring loaded, and economically priced.
Available either polished or brushed.
20, 22, 24, 26mm  =  $9.00
Pre-V Style
Heavy stainless steel with a
heavy-duty springbar, Brushed Only.
22mm  =  $12.00
24mm  =  $12.00
26mm  =  $12.00
Screw Type Pre-V Buckles:
When Exceptional Quality, Style, and Security Are of The Utmost Importance.
Select from Stainless Steel, Titanium, Black PVD, or Gold PVD.
Stainless Steel Screw Type Pre-V
Available either polished or brushed and in the following sizes:
22mm  24mm  26mm

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Pre-V Comparison:
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Black PVD Screw Type Pre-V
22mm  24mm  26mm

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Sale Price:

Gold PVD Screw Type Pre-V
Pure Titanium Screw Type Pre-V

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Precision Screwdrivers:
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The exact OEM-style for your Luminor.  The specially designed 1.6mm milled tip seats within the screw head perfectly, reducing the chance of slipping and consequential damage to your watch case.  The 1.4mm screwdrivers offer the same superior quality with a wedge blade.  Made in France.
316L Heavy Stainless Steel Buckle II

18 or 20mm
Polished or Brushed

18mm Polished:  Item# T-BUCKLE-18P
18mm Brushed:  Item# T-BUCKLE-18B

20mm Polished:  Item# T-BUCKLE-20P
20mm Brushed:  Item# T-BUCKLE-20B

$9 individually.
$6 with a strap purchase.
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Simply PERFECT for:
* Replacing a lost or broken OEM screwdriver.
* No longer wanting to use an inferior design that can cause slippage and damage.
* Wanting to furnish a screwdriver with a watch you are selling or trading.

Luminor 1.6mm milled blade:  Item# SD16

Radiomir 1.4mm wedge blade:  Item# SD14

Sale Price:

Outstanding Quality and a Fantastic Value!

20mm Polished:  Item # P-CLASP-20P
20mm Brushed:  Item # P-CLASP-20B

22mm Polished:  Item # P-CLASP-22P
22mm Brushed:  Item # P-CLASP-22B

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Double-Folding Deployant Clasps
Available in 22mm and 24mm lengths
Each set contains 2 new pins.



Sale Price:

$12 for a complete set
*Fits ONLY Panerai-style straps designed specifically for folding clasps
and will NOT work with those straps made to be used with a buckle.
Ultra-Soft Rubber
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Screw Type Ardillon aka Thumbnail
Available either polished or brushed
in the following sizes:

18, 20, 22, 24mm

Sale Price:

20mm  22mm

Sale Price:

Stainless Steel
Gold PVD
Black PVD
20mm  22mm  24mm

Sale Price:

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Sale Price:

SLC Submarine
Screw Type Pre-V
$9.00 For a complete Tube & Screw set (2 Tubes + 2 Screws)
$6.00 for individual sets (2 Tubes OR 2 Screws)

**Buckle/Lug screws are under continual pressure and at a pivot point.
Therefore, they should be checked on a regular basis to confirm their security.  This can be done with a screwdriver you may already have, or like one found below.  Blue Loctite® or Permatex® threadlocker can also be used.
Stainless Steel Quick Change Pins for Panerai®: